If you’re a strata property consultant managing residential, commercial, or industrial property or simply just need to best carpet or tile and grout services offering in Adelaide, Laurinex.Cleaning provides an exceptional selection of cleaning solution for each problem.

We provide a very comprehensive cleaning services when it comes to carpet, tile and grout solutions and can deliver excellent results and we utilise cleaning products that removes built up bacteria, dirt and grime off carpet, tile and grout to ensure it “Stays Cleaner Longer”.

Laurinex Services are utilised across our Specialist services such as: 

  • Professional Services – We are quick & efficient. 

  • Hot Water Extraction – Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Pet & Animal Urine Remediation – (Removal of Strains & Smells)
  • Tile & Hard Surface Cleaning (for results you’ve never ever seen before)

We are capable of ensuring that the premises is not only cleaned to the highest standards, but sanitised and the removal of harmful bacteria which causes odours are removed.

We work with South Australia’s leading companies on delivering Laurinex solutions which are unique and we have a range of professional services available seven (7) days a week and there is no job too big or small.

Call 1300 528 746 or email us – speak with our sales department for our industry rates.