SuperClean Solutions



What is a “SuperClean” ?

Our proprietary/bespoke COVID-19 “SuperClean” is a ‘deep’ and ‘thorough’ disinfection and decontamination on ALL surfaces which have the potential to be high in bacterial & viral contaminants. The current workplace environmental impacts surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) requires proven operational methodologies, plus knowledge on how to utilise world-class disinfecting and decontaminating products for the removal of such contaminants across high touch points where human contact has been greatest.

Our professional methodology allows for sufficient product ‘contact time’ on all surfaces plus fogging techniques for disinfecting & decontaminating high touch points which experience high levels of human traffic. Our COVID-19 SuperClean will drastically reduce the overall bacterial and virus count and the possibility of infection with our measurable results. Precautionary or Post disinfection and decontamination services ensure your workplace provide your workforce with work, health & safety during this much needed and difficult time.


The COVID-19 SuperClean Services include:

  • A/C Controls & Light Switches
  • Hand Rails & Bannister’s
  • Door push plates, Door knobs and Handles
  • Drawer & Cupboard
  • Tops, Backs & Arms of Chairs
  • Phones, Intercoms & Remote Controls
  • Recycling Points
  • Desks & Work Tops
  • Fridge, Freezers, Cooker & Dishwasher Handles
  • Kitchen Controls, Kettles & Water Dispensers
  • Hand Dryers & Towel Holders Units
  • Toilets
  • All Taps & Sinks
  • Shower Doors & Handles

We also specialise servicing elite Sporting Facilities and have clients in AFL, A-League & Cycling Australia including Aged Care, Childcare Facilities.

How effective has our “SuperClean” results been with Customers?

Our SuperClean will provide a staggering reduction in the overall bacterial count and has measurable results from thousands of CFU’s (colony forming units) to single digits.

Our pre & post swab testing isn’t new, we’ve been delivering this service for five (5) years and as a consequence of the SuperClean process every-time where successful in delivering beyond our customers expectations.

Why is the SuperClean Process Successful?

The results represent a greater then >6.0 log reduction in cleaning performance by killing bacteria on hard surfaces and fittings. The above log reduction performance represents a >99.99998% kill rate on hard surfaces and fittings and this means they are sterilised.

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