Laurinex.Cleaning changes the game when it comes to cleaning for; Kindergartens, Pre-school & Childcare Centres | Primary & Secondary | Other types of educational establishments

Our highly-trained cleaning hygiene & sanitation staff utilise world-class botanical cleaning products which are proven to kill 99.99998% of dangerous bacteria off hard surfaces and are;

  • Non-poisonous,

  • Non-corrosive,

  • 100% biodegradable,

  • Environmentally safe.

The Laurinex products have been proven to kill dangerous bacteria off hard surfaces and fittings. Within educational facility we understand provider are looking for an alternative to other existing harsh cleaning solutions to reassure ordinary individuals (mothers and fathers) who would like these harsh cleaning practices to be eradicated because of child safety.

Our cleaning solutions will dramatically reduce the exposure to everyday cleaning chemicals which are commonly used in educational and childcare facilities today, thus in turn maintaining more healthier and productive learning environment for our children. Laurinex Health is made from botanical food grade solution which is listed with the ARTG as a Disinfectant, Hospital Grade and has been tested by an independent NATA Approved laboratories.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All components contained in Laurinex Health are listed with the ARTG as non-poisonous, food grade components (that means the product DOES NOT have a Poison Information Centre number e.g: 131126 on the label), so handling Laurinex Health will approve your work, health and safety standards.

Laurinex solutions meet the requirements for HACCP, AQIS, FSANZ and JAS-ANZ so you can use the solutions where you’re preparing food and food preparation surfaces, as we mentioned Laurinex is made from botanical food grade components. 

Laurinex Cleaning Solutions has disinfection and sanitation experience including young families and understand the assurances people are looking for when cleaning hard surfaces to reduce the spread of surface bacteria throughout your educational institution.

Laurinex Cleaning Solutions has developed methods of cleaning contaminants from your Childcare Centre, School, University or College rather than simply redistributing them (moving bacteria from one place to another). We also have special expertise in cleaning all common areas like indoor and outdoor playgrounds, staff rooms, kitchens and toilets.  

We offer a large range of specialist cleaning services including window cleaning and carpet cleaning, and hard surface and fittings cleaning with a highly trained team of cleaning professionals, adept in OH&S and Quality Management Systems, we have an adaptable and flexible approach to cleaning.  

Laurinex Cleaning Solutions is here to help with your specialised commercial cleaning needs. We know just how important cleanliness is in these sites for both children and adults. We also understand just how different these sites are in terms of the methods of commercial cleaning requirements with regard to disease and infection control. 

Call us today on: 1300 528 746 or email us for a demonstration why so many individuals, companies and institutions are engaging Laurinex.Cleaning to deliver cleaning back to the standards they were.